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Courtney Lynn & Quinn

Indie folk-soul Music Based in Charlotte, NC

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Indie Folk/Soul


Courtney Lynn and Quinn Henderson’s worlds collided in the summer of 2012 under a scorching Los Angeles sun. The musical sparks began flying, but it wasn’t until 2015 in Phoenix where late night writing sessions would quietly begin laying the groundwork for their musical future. In many ways they were opposites, Courtney content writing music for herself, Quinn having a burning desire to perform and share their music on stage. With a growing confidence in their abilities, the two traveled further east to Charlotte, NC in 2016, with a promise to delve deeper not only into their musical pursuits, but planning the rest of their lives together.

The two trusted each other's passions, honing their performance chops at open mics all around the Queen City. In 2017, Courtney would go on to record her first solo record “Wander Years”, a diary of her life growing up fast in small town Indiana and her wanderlust across the country. The album opener “Side Roads” evokes an adventurous spirit, with driving violin parts and confident, layered vocal melodies. “Wandering Soul” ends the album on a bittersweet note, expressing the vulnerability of leaving love behind with flowing harmonies and a sincere emotional complexity.

Shortly after the album’s release, the magnetic pull forming between Quinn and Courtney through their travels would find the pair making it official, enlisting longtime collaborator Steven Cornacchia on drums, along with the talent of Luke Barnette to form Courtney Lynn & Quinn. They’re influences have coalesced into a blend of indie folk/soul, the four representing a spectrum of musical passions: folksy and personal, soulful and expressive harmonies, creative grooves and melodic bass playing blend to make up some of their artistic DNA.

Their bright personalities, riveting live performances, and captivating songwriting have been garnering the attention of industry talent nationwide. Recently they’ve being featured as a standout artist on NPR’s Charlotte music playlist ‘Amplifier’, featured in Creative Loafing Magazine, performed on NBC’s ‘Charlotte Today’, and won the national Songwriter Universe Contest for their original music. The band maintains a busy performance schedule across Charlotte and The Carolinas, with plans in motion for regional and national tours. The band is also deep in the songwriting process for their next record - a darker, grittier, and more soulful expression of their sound and growth as a band.


Courtney Lynn // Guitar, Vocals

Quinn Henderson // Vocals, Percussion

Luke Barnette // Bass

Steven Cornacchia // Drums


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9.24.2018 // Tired

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